Hi everyone! I would like to welcome you all to the start of a new skating year. You will find below instructions on how to register for our regular skating season. Starting date is October 1st for Primary & Starskate and October 15th for Canskate.
We will be using uplifter for most, if not all, skating registrations, test tickets, buy-ons, etc. so please take some time to become familiar with it. I think it is fairly straight forward but if you ever have any questions please feel free to call or text me (Hali) at 306-342-7611 and I will do my best to help you out.

Instructions for 2021-22 FALL & REGULAR SEASON Registration Process

Fall Session

  1. Website
  2. Login  (or create an account if its your first time)
  3. Once logged in – click on registration at the top of page
  4. Program Registration options should all be there, choose the option that is right for your skater & push Register
  5. Go to your Shopping Cart
  6. Click on “billing information”
    • Here you will find our club policies for you to read over (the media release is optional).
    • One of the policies is the Covid 19 waiver. You will need to print this off of the club’s main website, fill it out and email to the club before your child starts the skating season.  You will find it under the “About tab-seasonal information-Assumption of Risk Waiver.  21-22-General-Skate-Canada-Assumption-of-Risk-Waiver-Sk8Bf.pdf (
  7. Click on “payment info”.  At this time we are only accepting etransfer, please do this as soon as possible.  Of course, if this is a problem for you we will do our best to come up with a solution. Just let me know.